WCO supports East African Countries to enhance Risk Management

15 May 2018

The WCO and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) conducted four joint risk management fact-finding missions in Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and Rwanda from 16-27 April 2018.  Those missions are the first activity of the risk management component of the new Trade Facilitation and Border Control Project launched by the five EAC Partner States in East Africa.  The project aims to improve the efficiency of border procedures and enhance border controls in East Africa. Under the direction of this new project, the EAC Partner States will work together to improve their capacity in 3 areas, namely (i) risk management (RM), (ii) Post Clearance Audit (PCA), and (iii) Program Global Shield (PGS).

The main objectives of the fact-finding missions are to get a better understanding of the risk management function and practices of the four Customs Administrations in East Africa and to identify RM-related capacity building needs that can be jointly supported under the WCO/JICA project.

During the mission, WCO and JICA experts held a series of intensive discussions with the relevant units involved in risk management in each administration. In addition, the experts also visited the major Customs operational sites in the four countries to have a clear understanding of their operational challenges.  

The findings of these missions are expected to be submitted at the project management meeting at the end of May and used to design the most effective roadmap in support of further enhancement of risk management in those countries.  It is envisioned that enhanced risk management will contribute to trade facilitation and border control in East Africa.