WCO supports Jamaica Customs to improve the collaborative environment among the Cross Border Regulatory Agencies (CBRAs) and build a Single Window environment

10 April 2019

From 25-29 March 2019, the WCO held a Workshop on Single Window (SW) environment in Kingston, Jamaica, hosted Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA) and supported by WCO-HMRC-UNCTAD Project.

The primary objective of the Workshop was to raise the awareness of Customs and Border Regulatory Agencies on the role of each agency ensure the successful implementation of Single Window environment, the position of the Lead Agency on Project, and as operator of the SW system as well as the sustainability options for system operation and development. The WCO shared experiences of other Members in adopting SW approaches, best practices from the WCO AMS Region and the lessons learned from other countries that have enhanced the collaborative environment in respective economies.

The JCA has been found to be already advanced in the area of Project implementation with a dedicated team, a clear vision and roadmap in enhancing e-collaboration with three border agencies within the first phase of Pilot Project.

The workshop highlighted the different models of SW solutions and how streamlining of Licenses, Permits, Certificates and Other (LPCOs’) business processes and enabling the digital environment may speed up the implementation of the Single Window.

The SW Project leader and the team attended the workshop, including various authorities of Jamaica, such as the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) and representatives of the Port Community System. The workshop, as highlighted by the participants, was perceived as to be of high added value to enhance the cooperation of experts from various authorities in outlining the necessary areas of close collaboration, such as regulatory, data harmonization, legal gap analyses, and business process re-engineering.

Around 10 officials from cross-border regulatory agencies and other private sector stakeholders in Jamaica attended the workshop and worked together on several exercise scenarios in information sharing between agencies.

The WCO experts presented several WCO instruments and tools, including the recently developed online SW e-modules, as well as international standards for trade facilitation to provide guidance to participants in adopting a Coordinated Border Management approach in Sea-ports and Airports, which will ensure further smooth progress in building Jamaica Single Window environment and meet the needs and expectations of the trade community. During the workshop, WCO experts outlined the concepts of Coordinated Border Management, Single Window, Risk Management, Business Process Analysis, Data Harmonization, supported by case studies from different countries.

Besides, the participants, with the support of experts, carried out practical exercises to harmonize the data used by various agencies to process customs declarations, permits, and certificates.

The WCO workshop on Single Window environment proved to be highly effective for the engagement of various stakeholders and to identify future challenges for the enhancement of the collaborative environment.

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