Serbia Customs benefits from WCO Integrity testing workshop

21 November 2019

The World Customs Organization (WCO) delivered technical assistance and capacity building support for the benefit of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Serbia (CAS) on the development of an integrity testing system. The integrity testing workshop was held on 12-15 November 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia, and facilitated by integrity experts from the WCO and United States Customs and Border Protection.

The main objectives of the mission were to support the sharing of experiences on integrity testing, as well as to facilitate and assist CAS in identifying opportunities and challenges in implementing international best practices in integrity testing.

In his opening remarks to the workshop participants, Mr. Veselin Milosevic, the Deputy Director General of Serbia Customs, reaffirmed the high level of the administration’s commitment towards strengthening integrity development in the Customs service. He remarked that Customs performance largely depends on a culture of integrity and that modernization processes cannot be implemented without taking this into account. In particular, he noted that strengthening the functionality of CAS’ Internal Affairs has been enhanced by recent amendments to Serbian Customs Law which entered into force in the beginning of this year.

CAS officers from various operational units, including operational field officers, were also taken through the latest WCO Integrity related activities, recently developed integrity tools and instruments, as well as updates on international integrity practices.

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