Fourth Workshop aiming at training COPES Expert Trainers

14 October 2019

As part of the COPES1 Programme, a fourth Train-the-Trainer Workshop was held in Brussels at the WCO Secretariat from 16 to 20 September 2019.

The event was involved in promoting the COPES concept in the six WCO regions.  This workshop included nine participants from the following countries: Albania, Belgium, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, North Macedonia, Senegal and Slovakia. It was an opportunity for the participants to gain high-level experience in the techniques of running courses, as well as facilitating learning and teaching.  The participants were also called upon to demonstrate their strategic and operational competencies in enforcement and exhibited their ability to work in an international environment.

COPES Expert Trainers are specialized in Customs issues.  They must have a strong expertise in risk analysis, intelligence gathering, field operations, fraud detection, evidence collection, seizures and administrative and/or judicial investigations.  With their experience as trainers, they must be capable of presenting and promoting good professional practice in line with WCO standards.

The ultimate objective of accrediting COPES Expert Trainers is to provide the organization’s Members with solid support for building the capacity of their staff.  In this particular case, it was a question of sharing expertise with these experts; who were keen to hone their skills in the area of border security and its associated challenges, as well as seeking to boost their enforcement regime.  The experts are those that are active in the surveillance of movement of goods, people as well as capital at border control.

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1 COPES: acronym for Customs Operational Practices for Enforcement and Seizures.