LMD Top Executive Retreat in Kenya enhances top management

25 September 2019

The WCO Capacity Building Directorate organized a Leadership and Management Top Executive Retreat (TER) for the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from 17 to 20 September 2019 near Nakuru, Kenya. The objective of the four-day interactive retreat was to support the team of senior management in their further development of leadership and management skills.  The TER was funded by the Finnish government within the framework of the WCO-Finland ESA project II.

Fourteen executive managers from all departments of KRA participated (although several key managers unexpectedly later withdrew). The program was shaped based on the needs of KRA and the participants. A special focus was given to the development of individual managers as well as to KRA’s present strategic challenges. During the retreat, the concept of knowing oneself and managing oneself was found to be one of the crucial elements of the modern leader-manager. The evening sessions focused on building trust on a personal, relational and organizational level. The participants demonstrated courage in confronting themselves and sharing their personal history, views and feelings with others. The sessions were impactful, emotional, inspiring and purifying.

The program also consisted of various topics on management skills such as people management, time management and conflict management. In addition, topics such as change management, communication and integrity were presented, discussed and delivered in practical exercises during the four days. The change management session demonstrated to the participants the absolute need for a systematic approach when driving modernization and change within KRA.

The participants described the workshop and its unique approach as one of the most significant they had ever attended. Several participants also indicated their intention to continue on the new path they had found with the help of the TER.  Participants also made a promise to take the lessons learned and put them into use at the departments, units and teams the participants represented. One of the participants described the workshop as “An eye-opener that will ultimately be life-changing”.

For more information on the WCO Leadership and Management Development Programme, please contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org.