Status of global adoption of WCO Data Model (as of 1 July 2020) is released

23 December 2020

The WCO Data Model (DM) is a key tool for promoting greater connectivity and interoperability between Member administrations, other government agencies, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders. The world-wide adoption and use of the WCO DM is a strategic goal of the WCO. In this regard, in accordance with a decision taken by the Information Management Sub-Committee (IMSC) at its 67th Meeting in June 2014, the WCO compiles information on the status of adoption of the WCO DM by Members, (hereinafter the “status”), and publishes it on the WCO Website.

For the purpose of updating the status, the Secretariat conducted a survey from 21 February to 29 May 2020. This year’s survey was integrated with the survey conducted by the WCO Research Unit for the WCO Annual Report, in order to simplify the process and reduce the burden on Members in responding to surveys. Ninety-five Members participated. The IMSC, at its 77th Meeting in November 2019, agreed that the annual survey should be updated as a means of collecting data to support the development of a repository of information on Members’ implementation of the WCO DM. In accordance with this decision, compared to former survey questionnaires the 2020 version incorporated more questions aimed at eliciting comprehensive information regarding Members’ DM implementation status. The survey included a question on challenges faced by Members in the adoption of the WCO DM, and Members also shared information about the efforts being made to cope with those challenges.

Detailed results of the survey, based on the responses received up to 29 May 2020, can be found in the WCO DM publication packages, and particularly in the e-Handbook1.