Abu Dhabi Customs embarks on the implementation of an Advance Rulings system for Classification, Origin and Valuation

23 June 2020

Abu Dhabi Customs has recently re-engineered its processes including those related to Classification, Valuation and Origin.  Policies and procedures are currently being updated accordingly, including policies for Advance Rulings, and the Customs Administration is now preparing for the operational implementation of the Advance Rulings system which will play a vital role in promoting trade facilitation by meeting the requirements of the WTO Agreement on Trade Facilitation.

During a virtual meeting chaired by Eng. Khalid AlMarzooqi, Director of Strategic Planning and PMO of Abu Dhabi Customs, the implementation of Advance Rulings for Classification, Origin and Valuation was discussed. The discussion focused, among others, on the necessary modification of the legal framework and the current infrastructure as well as the development of new procedures to accommodate the new system.

The WCO Expert briefly introduced the tools developed in relation to Advance Rulings and Customs Infrastructure and referred to the requirements, challenges and good practices in the area.  The WCO Technical Guidelines on Advance Rulings for Classification, Origin and Valuation had been used as a benchmark in the development of a gap analysis, policies and recommendations for the implementation.

Participants agreed that for an Advance Rulings system to be effective, it is necessary to raise awareness of the economic operators and to continuously undertake capacity building activities for Customs officials, drawing on the expertise of the WCO.

The knowledge gained from the virtual meeting will assist Abu Dhabi Customs in implementing the Advance Rulings system, and consequently, in facilitating its trade.