The Global RILO Network continues to support WCO Members in times of crisis

23 March 2020

The worldwide outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is reaching every corner of the globe, and every government is currently implementing preventive measures to tackle the spread of the virus.

Amid these sometimes challenging times, the Global RILO Network remains a steadfast supporting pillar for all WCO Members. Although RILO offices, much like the majority of the global workforce, have switched to a teleworking mode, they continue to address the operational needs of their affiliated Members.

For all needs of intelligence and operational support, please contact the RILO in your region via the following contact details:

RILO Asia-Pacific
RILO Central Africa
RILO Commonwealth of Independent States
RILO East and Southern Africa
RILO Eastern and Central Europe
RILO Caribbean
RILO Middle East
RILO North Africa
RILO South America
RILO Western Africa
RILO Western Europe