New version of the WCO’s secure CENcomm communication tool now available in Spanish

02 December 2021

 The latest version of CENcomm, a communication system designed to allow a closed group of users to exchange messages in real time via encrypted channels during an operation or a project, until then only available in English, French and Russian, is now also available in Spanish thanks to funding support from Japan.

The release of this new version in Spanish coincides with the launch of a new Regional Intelligence Liaison Office for Central America, based in Guatemala and serving six (6) Spanish-speaking countries.

The exchange of information, intelligence, alerts and seizures at the national, regional and international levels is an essential activity in the fight against illicit trafficking. The World Customs Organization (WCO) was very quick to understand this, and in 2005 it developed the CENcomm secure communication tool.

Encouraged by the popularity of CENcomm and eager to meet users’ expectations, the WCO deployed in 2020 a more sophisticated version of the application. It incorporates new features that take advantage of the latest technologies on the market.

The addition of Spanish to the CENcomm communication tool will increase the participation of Spanish-speaking users in the area of the exchange of information and intelligence, and will further reduce language barriers, thereby enabling CENcomm to fulfil its mission as a global communication tool for enforcement agencies.