STCE Awareness Workshop for Senior Executive Management of the Bureau of Customs of Philippines

13 July 2021

After a National training for front line officers of the Philippines Customs Administration addressed to front line officers, conducted in November 2020, the Strategic Trade Control Enforcement (STCE) Programme held on 7 and 8 July 2021 a virtual Awareness Workshop for Senior Managers, with the aim to highlight the importance of the development of a functional and efficient strategic trade control national system.

The Workshop focused on the role of the senior management in enabling and supporting activities combatting illicit trade of Weapons of Mass Destruction and related items. In particular, the WCO emphasized the Customs security mandate established by the Punta Cana Resolution and the International legal framework governing strategic trade control.

The STCE Programme also invited a representative from the Strategic Trade Management Office (STMO) of the Philippines to present the work carried out in this area and future perspectives on Trade Facilitation and Enforcement of strategic commodities in relation to Custom role in enforcing the Philippines Strategic Trade Management Act.

Whilst waiting for the moment when in-person trainings are possible and safe again, the WCO Security Programme keeps organizing and delivering online capacity building events for WCO members. For more information on the Programme, please contact