Successful conclusion of the 67th Session of the Harmonized System Committee

12 May 2021

The 67th Session of the Harmonized System Committee concluded its primary work on the HS 2022 tools in April 2021.  Settling on a final accepted agenda of 98 agenda items, the meeting was held, in a blended format of online sessions and written forum discussions, from 12 to 30 April.

The meeting, chaired by Ms. Ulla Larsson from Sweden, was attended by 277 registered delegates from 98 countries and the European Union. The International Chamber of Commerce also participated as an observer.

At its opening remarks, Ms. Ulla Larsson welcomed delegates and underlined that the primary focus of the meeting was to finalise the amendments to the HS 2022 Explanatory Notes in order to be published in time for the implementation of the seventh edition of the HS on 1/1/2022.

Despite the pandemic situation, which caused serious challenges to delegates and the WCO Secretariat and led to readjustments of the working methods, the Committee successfully approved the HS 2022 Explanatory Notes, the amendments to the Compendium of Classification Opinions, the Reports of the 56th Session of the Review Sub-Committee, the Report of the presessional Working Party and the Reports of the 35th and 36th Sessions of the Scientific Sub-Committee.

The Committee also agreed on 49 classification requests involving 785 substances and products.

At his closing remarks, the Director of the Tariff and Trade Affairs Directorate, Mr. Konstantinos Kaiopoulos, congratulated the Chairperson and the delegates to the Committee for their active participation and the successful conclusion of work over the HS 2022 cycle.  He noted that  this new HS2022 edition made some major changes to the HS, covering a wide range of goods moving across borders, while addressing environmental and social issues of global concern and adapting to current trade patterns.