The WCO Regional Customs Laboratory for Europe providing hands-on practical training for the National Customs Laboratory of Bosnia and Herzegovina

06 October 2021

A WCO National Customs Laboratory support mission, facilitated by the WCO Regional Customs Laboratory (RCL) for Europe, was held in Banja Luka, HQ Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) Bosnia and Herzegovina, from August 31 to September 3.

One expert from RCL Europe and two experts from the Customs Administration of Croatia led the training that was divided in two parts: theoretical and practical. During the practical part all participants had a chance to practice with the sampling equipment.

The theoretical part was led by the project leader of the SAMANCTA Sampling Project Group. Participants were introduced to general information on SAMANCTA (Sampling Guide for Customs and Tax Authorities), published by the EU.

The practical part allowed participants to take real samples from a company that produces motor oils and fuel additives. This part of the training was demonstrated by the sampling experts from the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia.

At the end of the training, the Head of the Customs Laboratory Department of the ITA BiH  thanked the WCO for their contribution to the modernization of the Customs Laboratory in terms of the presented WCO tools. He emphasized the importance of the customs laboratory and the practical relevance to taking representative samples for the correct identification and classification of products, thereby preventing fraud and collecting the correct customs excise and taxes.

Even in the difficult circumstances and restrictions caused by the COVID-19 situation, the WCO, through the ROCB, together with ITA Bosnia and Herzegovina made this mission a success, providing capacity building and training for the work of the Customs Laboratory of the ITA BiH, especially for customs officers on front line.