Strategic Dialogue on Time Release Study between the GTFP and the National Board of Revenue of Bangladesh

03 September 2021

From 23 to 31 August 2021, the SECO-WCO Global Trade Facilitation Programme (GTFP) provided technical assistance to the National Board of Revenue of Bangladesh (NBR) on Time Release Study (TRS). This assistance consisted of a one-day Strategic Dialogue, followed by a national workshop with all relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors, aiming to build TRS capacities and to establish a dedicated TRS national work team.

This mission was conducted under the auspices of the WCO Mercator Programme and aimed at providing particular support on addressing and closing the areas of opportunity previously identified on the TFA Article 7.6.

With very promising results, such as the development of a roadmap for the TRS implementation, this mission has also allowed the WCO experts to support the NBR’s officers in drafting their internal import/export business processes, while shedding light on the importance of using the WCO TRS for measuring release times.

Overall, these activities have encouraged the NBR officers and all relevant stakeholders to take ownership of the TRS methodology, its benefits and challenges, while helping define individual roles within the TRS implementation work team for a successful and effective achievement of their national objectives.

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