WCO confirms its support to Thai Customs

21 April 2022

On 21 April 2022, the WCO Secretary General, Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, met with a delegation from Thai Customs, led by its Director General, Mr. Anuntasilpa Patchara, on visit at the WCO Headquarters.

During the meeting, Director General Patchara showed his appreciation for all the support and technical assistance provided by the WCO through capacity building activities under various Programmes such as the Career Development and Scholarship Programmes.

The Director General also highlighted the importance of some WCO tools for Thai Customs, including the CEN platform, which is seen as essential for strengthening the protection of society from the threats posed by illicit trade and transnational crimes in the Asia/Pacific region.

As a host country of the APEC Sub-Committee on Customs Procedures (SCCP) this year, which will debate on the Circular Economy, Mr. Patchara expressed his expectations to further cooperate with the WCO on this topic in view of preparing this important meeting and making it fruitful and beneficial for all the participants.

Secretary General Mikuriya welcomed the continuous support from Thai Customs, and went on to discuss about the WCO’s initiatives in Circular Economy such as the Asia Pacific Plastic Waste. Dr. Mikuriya concluded the meeting by confirming WCO’s support to Thai Customs for the SCCP.