Customs Valuation Expert Trainer pre-Accreditation Workshop held for the MENA region

04 July 2022

A pre-Accreditation Workshop for Arabic-speaking experts on Customs Valuation from the WCO Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region was held in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) from 26th to 30th June 2022, with the support of ZATKA, Saudi Tax and Customs Authority.

The Workshop was organized with the objective of enlarging the pool of Arabic-speaking Expert Trainers to facilitate capacity building activities, on behalf of the WCO for its Members, in the field of Customs Valuation.

Eleven selected candidates from seven Member Administrations of the region, namely Algeria, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, worked intensively to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and techniques during the week.

The participants who successfully completed the pre-accreditation Workshop will be invited to the next stage of the WCO expert accreditation process, including a mission on the field as a pre-accredited WCO expert in the area of Customs valuation. Fully accredited experts will be expected to support future WCO Capacity Building activities.