WCO Sub-Regional Workshop on Data Analytics for Pacific Islands

17 June 2022

The WCO successfully conducted a sub-regional workshop on data analytics for the Pacific region. A total of 21 participants from 12 countries attended the workshop, which was held in a hybrid format in Nadi, Fiji, from June 7-9, 2022.

The capacity building mission for the Pacific Islands was delivered in the context of BACUDA project. It was jointly funded by the Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea (CCF-K) and the Oceania Customs Organization (OCO).

The opening ceremony was attended by Dr. Taeil Kang, WCO Capacity Building Director, Mr. Richard Brennan, Head of OCO Secretariat, Mr. Chol-Jae Lee, Director of External Relations Division of KCS, and Mr. Norizaku Kuramoto, Head of ROCB AP, who all set the tone for the workshop with their opening remarks.

Interest in the use of data analytics has increased in the region, and the mission served to support members' efforts to improve their data analytics capabilities.   WCO experts presented current data analytics use cases and BACUDA algorithms, including the recently released HS AI (HS Code Recommendation Tool), which received positive feedback, including interest in applying their own data to the algorithm. In addition, 4 WCO members and 2 OCO members had the opportunity to present a country report on their current status of data analysis, existing challenges, and the way forward.

The workshop provided members with tangible benefits of using data analytics through presentations and active input from participants. It also raised awareness and created a foundation for recognizing Customs’ potential in implementing sustainable innovation in line with international standards and best practices.

The Pacific region Members expressed appreciation for the activity and were willing to share new ideas for further steps to collaborate with the BACUDA project to improve their data analytics capacity at both the national and regional levels.

For further customized support and inquiries on the project, the WCO invites Members to contact the WCO BACUDA project team (bacuda@wcoomd.org).