Guatemala Customs Administration continues fostering leadership and management skills among Senior Customs Officers

30 May 2022

At the request of the Superintendency of the Tax Administration of Guatemala (SAT), and with the support of the Global Trade Facilitation Program SECO-OMA, a Leadership and Management Development (LMD) workshop was held between 9 and 20 May, 2022. This workshop took place in Guatemala City for the Heads of Department, Heads of Unit and Customs Administrators of the Guatemalan Customs Administration.

During two intense weeks, the participants carried out a process of knowing themselves, self-assessment and, above all, managing themselves. Participants were exposed to tools for people management, such as, motivation, negotiation, feedback, delegation and self-awareness, among others, in a practical way to strengthen their personal development and have a positive impact in their teams.

The participants put their skills to the test, and identified personal and professional challenges that will allow them to be better human beings, better managers and, most of all, managers of transformation and innovation in Guatemalan Customs.

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