The First WCO Regional Workshop on the Deployment of Virtual Reality Training Sets

30 September 2022

The WCO successfully conducted the first regional workshop on the deployment of Virtual Reality Training (VRT) sets. Forty-two participants from the WCO Regional Training Centers (RTCs) and the WCO Regional Offices for Capacity Building (ROCBs) of the Europe and North of Africa, Near and Middle East (MENA) regions attended the workshop.  

Mr. Ebenezer Gebding Tafili, Deputy Director, Capacity Building Directorate (CBD), welcomed the representatives of the WCO Regional Entities. He underscored the significance of continuously improving and modernizing the way Customs training is delivered. Furthermore, the Deputy Director of the CBD expressed his appreciation for the participants’ contribution to realizing this project and prompted everyone to continue actively collaborating with the WCO Secretariat to receive the VRT set in a smooth and timely manner.

Three presentations were made by the WCO Secretariat and HO ENT, the provider of the VRT set. The first presentation provided an overview of the VR Project implemented by the WCO. Following this, the provider’s representative presented the components of the VRT set and introduced the installation procedure. The last presentation summarized the project’s three milestones. The WCO Secretariat shared, among others, its plan to transport the VRT sets starting in early October 2022.

Thirty-two Regional Entities will benefit from the VR Project implemented by the WCO Secretariat with the financial support of the Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea with a total investment of €980,000.  The WCO will organize further Regional workshops to inform representatives from its Regional Entities from all six Regions and enlist their engagement in receiving the VRT equipment.

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