WCO Accredited Experts (ACE) Portal online

23 September 2022

The WCO is committed to providing effective Capacity Building to its Members. To achieve this objective, it has developed a network of qualified experts from its Members and associates who are called upon to assist the WCO in delivering capacity building activities.

People are the Customs administration’s most valuable asset and the driving force that shapes change. The WCO advocates a people-centric and participatory approach that places Members and their staff at the heart of all activities.

With a view to continuous improvement, the WCO, with the generous support of CCF-KOREA, has developed and launched the ACE Experts Portal. It is a web-based platform that facilitates the WCO management and mobilization of subject matter experts from a global perspective, putting at the centre the Expert who can use the new platform to manage their expert profile.

WCO Experts play a vital role in the effective delivery of capacity building activity. They should maintain and develop their competencies in their specific areas of expertise in order to effectively contribute to other Member administrations’ overall development and reform agendas whilst enhancing their personal development.

National representatives will have an overview page of experts. Regional Office for Capacity Building (ROCB) will only have access to regional aggregated statistics data.

For further information, please kindly send an Email to: ace@wcoomd.org