Competency-Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) Rebirth in the Eswatini Revenue Services (ERS)

27 April 2023

Human resource management and development (HRMD) is among the top priorities of the ERS strategic plan. As part of the agreed HRMD modernization plan and building on the outcomes of the virtual workshop on Competency-Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) organized by the WCO from January 4-6, 2023, for the ERS’s top management team (10 participants) in support of their Human Capital Management commitment, the WCO delivered a tailored HRMD expert mission under its flagship Executive and Professional Competency-Based Human Resource Management (EPCB-HRM) Programme and with the financial support of the WCO-HMRC-UNCTAD Accelerate Trade Facilitation Programme. The CBHRM workshop was delivered in Mbabane, Eswatini, from 17th to 21st April 2023 by CMA-HRMD experts from the Liberia Revenue Authority and the Rwanda Revenue Authority.  

The objectives of this mission were (i) to establish the foundations for the roll-out of a modern, competency-based human resources management system based on WCO standards and international best practices; ii) to equip the members of the HRM Staff, the Working Group, the project management team and a Union representative with necessary competencies and tools required to align their HRM strategic plan with the ERS corporate strategy and to provide technical guidance to develop their competency-based tools with a final short-term goal of operationalizing these tools once completed, and iii) to support the Customs Administration in developing Competency-Based Human Resources Management Tools as an instrument to promote integrity and operational excellence. 

During this mission, the HRM working group worked jointly with the WCO experts to design the requisite HRM competency-based tools. This mission resulted in finalizing and validating a job catalogue, a competency framework, definitions of some competencies and some competency-based job descriptions. 

With the demonstrated commitment of the ERS top Management (the Commissioner General) and HRM Modernization working group, the WCO looks forward to continuing its partnership with the ERS to become a regional champion in the area of Human Resource Management.

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