The Burundi Revenue Authority is modernizing its HRM system by integrating the WCO competency-based HRM approach

21 April 2023

Recognizing the strategic importance of human resources in improving operational efficiency, revenue collection and stakeholder engagement, the Burundi Revenue Office (BRO) has attached particular importance to modernizing its human resource management system. To this end, the WCO delivered a five-day workshop on competency-based HRM under its Executive and Professional Competency-Based HRM Programme (EPCB-HRMP) and with the financial support of the Sida-WCO Trade Facilitation and Customs Modernization Programme. The workshop was delivered from April 10-14, 2023, by WCO CMA-HRMD experts from Morocco and Mauritius.

This workshop focused on building the capacity of the Modernization Working Group to develop and implement competency-based tools and empower the Human Resources Department (HRD) to play the role of a strategic partner and credible actor within the BRO. This team of highly motivated staff led by the Director of Human Resources consisted of 15 participants from the HRD, Modernization, Internal Affairs, Supply Chain Management, Training department, Customs Management, Corporate Affairs, Tax Investigation, Policy, Planning, Domestic Taxes, Legal, and Admin.  

During the sessions, the BRO team participated actively and exhibited a high level of commitment to developing and implementing the competency-based HRM tools. The HRD also pledged its commitment to become strategic partners since they were now aware of the roles of HRD in the organization. The capacity building sessions allowed the project team members to take ownership of the competency-based approach to developing HRM tools.  An action plan, to be used as a roadmap was also drafted and presented to the Steering Committee. It is expected that the Modernization Working Group will develop all Competency-based HRM tools according to the approach and templates provided by the experts.

On the other hand, the WCO has committed to continue providing its capacity development support, especially in the finalization and the implementation of a competency-based HRM system and the achievement of the modernization goals. 

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