Indonesia hosted the Sub-Regional Workshop on Customs Laboratory for the ASEAN Member countries

15 December 2023

A Sub-Regional Workshop on Customs Laboratory for the ASEAN Member countries took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 4 to 8 December 2023. The workshop was organized jointly by the WCO, Indonesia Customs and Excise, and the ROCB Asia-Pacific (AP), with the sponsorship of the Customs Cooperation Fund (CCF) of China. It was facilitated by two experts of the WCO Secretariat and attended by 19 officials from Customs administrations of Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

This workshop aimed to expand regional Customs chemists' knowledge of chemical analysis techniques and methodologies, update their understanding of classification related to chemical analysis, and facilitate the exchange of best practices and experiences among participants.

In the opening remarks, Ms. Anita Iskandar, Director of International Affairs, Indonesia Customs and Excise, highlighted that hosting this workshop was a testament to Indonesia Customs and Excise Laboratory's commitment as a Regional Customs Laboratory. Furthermore, this participation reflected Indonesia's dedication to contribute to the WCO's mission by providing necessary assistance, expertise, and facilities to improve Customs practices and standards. She also expected the participants to acquire enhanced skills in chemical analysis and classification and to apply their new knowledge and skills to bring positive changes in Customs operations and that this workshop could strengthen regional cooperation among ASEAN countries in addressing challenges related to chemical analysis in Customs.

During the workshop, the participants examined the role and needs of Customs Laboratories, studied and discussed the HS and tariff classification related to Customs Laboratory matters, and reviewed the WCO Customs Laboratory Guide and other tools. ROCB A/P, RCL Indonesia, and ASEAN Technical Sub-Working Group on Classification introduced their roles and mission.

The participants had an opportunity to visit the Customs laboratory in Tanjung Priok and to learn about its work.

In recognition of the invaluable support provided by the WCO, ROCB A/P, CCF/China, and Indonesia Customs and Excise, all participants expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the successful workshop on Customs laboratory matters.