WCO Launches the First Cycle of the Performance Measurement Mechanism

05 December 2023

Following the Council's endorsement of the first version of the Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM), the World Customs Organization is happy to announce the launch of the inaugural cycle on the PMM platform. This initiative aims to foster a more strategic and evidence-based approach to policy-making.

By introducing a comprehensive performance measurement methodology, the WCO PMM is designed to assist Customs administrations in making well-informed and pertinent strategic decisions. Additionally, it will help the WCO Secretariat in formulating evidence-based capacity-building interventions.

In a groundbreaking move, Customs will now undergo evaluation through a thorough assessment mechanism that encompasses all Customs competencies, including Trade Facilitation and Economic Competitiveness, Revenue Collection, Enforcement, Security, and the Protection of Society, as well as Organizational Development.

All WCO members are invited to actively participate in the first cycle of the PMM by submitting their data through the dedicated platform.

WCO Members’ engagement is pivotal to the success of this collective initiative within the Customs community.

For more information, please contact the WCO PMM team at: pmm@wcoomd.org