Competency-Based HRM virtual workshop for the Eswatini Revenue Services Top Management Cadre

11 January 2023

As part of its HRM modernization work plan, the WCO successfully delivered a virtual workshop on Competency-Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM) from January 4-6, 2023, to the Eswatini Revenue Services (ERS).  This tailored CBHRM workshop was delivered by HRM experts from the Canada Border Services Agency and the Liberia Revenue Authority to the ERS top management team (10 participants) in support of their Human Capital Management commitment.  It was a follow-up to the Executive and Professional Competency Based HRM programme delivered in Pretoria, South Africa, January 24-31, 2020, and a virtual delivery to the working committee which took place in December 2020. This mission is part of the activities under the Accelerate Trade Facilitation Programme.

The objectives of this mission were to equip the ERS top management cadre with the necessary competencies and tools required to align their HRM strategic plan with the ERS corporate strategy and to develop their competency-based tools with a final short-term goal of operationalizing these tools once completed.  In addition, this mission was delivered with an aim to secure the buy-in of the top executive team and to clarify their role in assuring accountability as well as their obligations to ensure the success of the project to implement the CBHRM, by committing to provide the necessary resources, actively monitoring timelines and validating the CB tools to guarantee excellence. 

This virtual workshop provided an overview of the CBHRM programme. It focused on the overall benefits to the organization, including supporting SRA strategic objectives by ensuring the right people with the right competencies are aligned to the right jobs, thereby setting the stage for success. It is important to highlight that the CG and his team were highly committed and engaged throughout the virtual session, providing excellent stewardship of the CBHRM commitment on behalf of the SRA. 

Since the last virtual delivery, the SRA has developed a strategic HR plan which will be used to support two of their strategic objectives of “attaining an integrated and coordinated system that will maximize efficiency as well as attain a value-driven culture.”  SRA top management and the HRM modernization project team are currently working to ensure they are positioned for success in creating and implementing competency-based HRM tools. The SRA Senior Management has committed to providing continuous support for the HRM modernization project, which includes providing the necessary resources required to carry out such a modernization exercise.  The WCO looks forward to supporting the SRA in achieving its HRM modernization goals.

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