WCO launches the CEN data visualization project at Online Event

20 January 2023

On 17 January 2023, the World Customs Organization (WCO) set the Customs Enforcement Network (CEN) data visualization project in motion with an online event. The event brought together 235 participants from 86 Member administrations across the WCO's six regions, as well as from the 12 Regional Intelligence Liaison Offices (RILOs). The RILOs play a crucial role in the data collection and analysis process, on which the new functionalities of the CEN data visualization tool are based.

The CEN is a powerful tool that has been used by Customs enforcement professionals since 2000. It collects data and information for intelligence purposes, serving as a central repository for enforcement-related information. The success of the CEN relies on the regular flow of high-quality data supplied by all WCO Members, and RILOs are instrumental in facilitating the collection and verification.

The new CEN data visualization tool takes the CEN to the next level, making it easier than ever for Members to access and analyze the data stored in the CEN. The tool features interactive dashboards that allow for real-time data analysis, making it an invaluable tool for strategic and operational decision-making. The aim of the CEN data visualization is to make data available by presenting them in an easy accessible, comprehensive and digestible way for all CEN users without analysis skill or sophistacted IT skill requirements. By summarizing complex information, dashboards play a pivotal role in the comprehension of trends and patterns behind row data.

‘'The launch of this innovative project is in line with the initiatives undertaken by the WCO Secretariat to put into effect the theme for 2022: 'Scaling up Customs Digital Transformation by Embracing a Data Culture and Building a Data Ecosystem'," said the WCO Deputy Secretary General, Mr. Ricardo Treviño Chapa, in his opening address. "Our goal is to facilitate strategic and operational decision-making by Members, by means of improved CEN data visualization based on interactive dashboards."

The event was graced by the presence of the Indian Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and the European Union, His Excellency Mr. Santosh Jha, as the guest of honor, given that the implementation of this project was made possible as a result of his country’s financial support. The Ambassador welcomed the launch of this initiative which aims to improve data visualization in the CEN, giving a new impetus to this important enforcement tool. He also stressed that India intended to continue supporting the WCO Secretariat's efforts in this area.

Participants were treated to a live demonstration of the new tool by the Secretariat, and were able to familiarize themselves with its new functionalities. Detailed information on goods, detection and concealment methods, routes and, in general, new fraud trends are now more easily accessible.

In his closing remarks, the WCO Director of Compliance and Facilitation, Mr. Pranab Kumar Das, thanked Members for their interest in this new tool and their active participation in the event, and also thanked the donor for its financial support. He also acknowledge the important role played by the RILOs in the data collection and analysis process, and therefore in the success of this project.

For more information, contact: cis@wcoomd.org.