A WCO Pre-Accreditation Workshop for the Technical and Operational Advisors (TOAs) specialized in Risk Management (RM) for the Americas and Caribbean region successfully completed - 16th June 2023

20 June 2023

Under the sponsorship of the Customs Cooperation Fund of Japan (CCF-Japan), the World Customs Organization organized, in close cooperation with Japan Customs, a Pre-Accreditation Workshop for Technical and Operational Advisors (TOAs) on Risk Management (RM) for the America and Caribbean Region. The event was held in Guatemala City 12th to 16th June 2023, and was attended by 12 Customs officials from 10 Customs administrations in the region. This workshop was organized as part of the strategic approach taken by the WCO aiming at expanding the pool of WCO experts in order to respond to the needs expressed by the WCO Members on RM in a time manner.

At the opening ceremony, Mr. Werner Ovalle Ramirez, Intendente de Aduanas (DG of Guatemala Customs), warmly welcomed all participants. In his remarks, he emphasized the growing role of the AMS Experts in supporting the needs of WCO members in terms of technical expertise. The use of Spanish language is additional value to enrich the activities provided in the official languages of WCO (EN and FR).    

The workshop was attended by twelve participants selected in the AMS region. They were assessed on their relevant technical knowledge and application, presentation and facilitation skills, communication and advisory skills, overall knowledge on key WCO tools and instruments and their team working capabilities.

Throughout the intensive five-day workshop, a good number demonstrated their knowledge, skills, techniques and, most importantly, enthusiasm to contribute to the capacity building activities to be made by the WCO in the future. Successful participants at the workshop will be invited to the next stage of the WCO expert accreditation process, an in-field mission. It is expected that those participants who successfully complete the accreditation process will be added to the pool of experts and work together with the WCO for the benefit of Members who request technical assistance from the WCO in the area of RM.