Malagasy Customs takes a further step to modernize its HRM System based on a Competency-Based Approach

07 June 2023

The Malagasy Customs recognizes the key role that Human Capital plays in organizational performance and has taken a further step to implement a modern and competency-based HRM system, as promoted by the WCO. In this regard, under the WCO Executive and Professional Competency-Based HRM Programme (EPCB_HRMP) and with the financial support of the government of the United Kingdom's His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, through the Accelerate Trade Facilitation Programme, WCO experts conducted an expert advisory mission in Madagascar, from 29 May to 02 June 2023. The mission was building upon previous support rendered both remotely and in country in 2022.

The aim of the mission was to support the multidisciplinary HRM Modernization Project Team, led by the Director of HR & Training and consisting of representatives of various departments (including representatives from the union), in designing competency-based HRM tools and strengthening the capacity of the team and the HR Department. The expected outcome was to put in place a modern and transparent HRM system that will help the administration to achieve its mission and strategic objectives by overcoming the challenges emanating from the Covid-19 crisis and taking all opportunities in the implementation of trade facilitation agreements, such as the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (WTO TFA).

Opening the mission, Mr. Zafivanona Ernest Lainkana, the Director-General of the Malagasy Customs, expressed the importance his administration places on human capital management. As part of his overall vision, he expressed his wish to build a modern HRM system that complies with international standards and best practices. He highlighted the evolving environment that Customs faces, the need to act strategically, and the need to have an HRM system that gives people the best possibility to perform at an optimum level and, ultimately, facilitates Malagasy Customs to offer its services at the highest professional level.

During the mission, the Modernization Project Team worked jointly with the WCO experts to finalize the requisite HRM competency-based tools. This mission resulted in the finalization and validation of a job catalogue, a competency framework, definitions of some competencies, and some competency-based job descriptions. The participants showed an exceptional commitment to developing and implementing the notions they acquired and are convinced that, as a team, they will finalize the tools soon, with the support of the DG, the Director of HR, and top Management. A roadmap has been established, proposing the approach to follow in the coming months and how to ensure that the tools are deployed. With a view to ensuring an inclusive, participatory approach to this change management programme, it is expected that once the tools are finalized, information and awareness-raising campaigns targeting all internal and external stakeholders will be initiated. The WCO will continue to provide support and capacity building to the Malagasy Customs in their drive to modernize their HRM systems.

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