Multi-regional Workshop on Measuring Customs Performance for Strategic Decision Making and Good Governance

08 June 2023

From 29 May to 2 June 2023, officials from 20 WCO Member administrations from the ESA and WCA regions participated in a Multi-regional Workshop on Measuring Customs Performance for Strategic Decision Making in Kigali, Rwanda, to further enhance their knowledge and share expertise concerning the assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs operations. The Workshop was jointly facilitated by the Sida-WCO Trade Facilitation and Customs Modernization Programme (TFCM) and the WCO Anti-Corruption & Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme. Both Programmes support Members’ use of performance measurement to build effective and accountable administrations.

The Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) Commissioner General, Mr. BIZIMANA Ruganintwali Pascal, opened the Workshop. The RRA Commissioner underlined the importance of a step-by-step approach in developing and implementing a comprehensive performance measurement mechanism to direct evidence-based decision-making processes. He made reference to the need for objectively verifiable Key Performance Indicators to gauge progress and achieve organizational goals.

Through establishing an evidence-based performance measurement system in line with the WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM), the Workshop participants were invited to reflect on the methodology to develop the indicators for measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs operations and ensure good governance and integrity. The discussions tied the lessons learned to specific expected outcomes and indicators developed through the Group Exercises.

The high level of interaction and immersive participation of the Workshop participants reflects the Members’ commitment to further develop the maturity of their national performance measurement systems and implement an evidenced-based assessment that caters for the need to measure the outcomes of Customs activities and operations, in line with the approach taken by the WCO in the scope the WCO Performance Measurement Mechanism (PMM).

The RRA Commissioner for Customs, Mr. Mwumvaneza Félicien, welcomed the outcomes of the Workshop discussions, stressing the importance of sustainable partnership and collaboration while ensuring the practical implementation of WCO PMM.

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