WCO Sub-Regional Workshop on Data Analytics for SIEs in the Caribbean and national workshop for Polish Customs

12 June 2023

The WCO accomplished a highly appreciated sub-regional workshop on data analytics specifically tailored for the Caribbean region. The workshop, held at the RTC Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo from May 23-27, 2023, attracted a diverse group of 21 participants representing 11 countries.

This significant capacity building initiative was organized as part of the BACUDA project, generously funded by the Customs Cooperation Fund of Korea (CCF-K). The project aims to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange among Caribbean islands, enabling them to leverage data analytics effectively in their customs operations.

The workshop was led by highly skilled WCO experts, with two distinguished BACUDA Scholarship graduates from Dominica and Peru. These esteemed individuals took charge of delivering a series of comprehensive sessions, providing Customs officials with the most up-to-date data analytics tools and techniques, with a particular focus on the AI HS application.

One notable highlight of the workshop was the engaging hands-on session, during which participants delved into the practical use of Python language to effectively work with the AI HS algorithm developed through the BACUDA project. This session offered an excellent opportunity for participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge and witness real-time results. The interactive nature of the session enabled them to actively engage, seek clarification, and receive prompt feedback from the experts. This practical experience holds immense value as participants further enhance their Python proficiency and seamlessly integrate it into their everyday customs operations.

Representatives from Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, Peru, and Trinidad and Tobago actively contributed to the workshop by sharing their experiences in data analytics strategy and practices. Their valuable insights and input added depth to the discussions. Moreover, they expressed their sincere appreciation for the workshop and a willingness to exchange new ideas for future collaboration with the BACUDA project. This collaborative mindset further emphasized their commitment to enhancing data analytics capacity at the national and regional levels.

In a similar effort to assist Members, the BACUDA Project team also conducted a workshop for Polish Customs with 20 participants from the 29th to the 31st of May at the Tax and Customs Academy in Warsaw, Poland.

The workshop received a positive response from the Polish Customs officials, who expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest advancements in data analytics and gain insights into their practical applications to enhance their operational effectiveness. The engagement and enthusiasm of the participants further underscored the value they found in the workshop.

During the workshop, WCO experts presented current data analytics use cases, including the AI HS algorithm. Participants found it highly useful and expressed interest in applying their data to the algorithm. The discussion on the Data Model within the GNC initiative for standardized processes and data sharing also generated significant interest among participants.

WCO experts presented current data analytics use cases and BACUDA algorithms, which received positive feedback, including interest in applying their data to the algorithm and the Data Model in the context of the GNC initiative was of great interest to participants for standardizing process and data shared with stakeholders.

Both workshops are a testament to the BACUDA initiative’s commitment to continue providing Member countries with the latest tools and practical techniques to enhance their customs operations.

For more information, contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org.