Practical National Workshop on Data Analytics in Indonesia

26 May 2023

A national workshop on data analytics recently took place in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 22 to 26 May 2023. This workshop, supported by CCF China, aimed to equip Customs officers with the knowledge and skills required to leverage data analytics and machine learning techniques effectively.

The workshop commenced with a dedicated day focused on the implementation of data analytics at the organizational level. Participants engaged in discussions surrounding the development of a data strategy, a governance framework, and the cultivation of analytics skills. The role of leaders in driving the implementation of data analytics was emphasized, underscoring the importance of strong leadership in embracing and advancing data-driven decision-making.

The subsequent four days of the workshop were dedicated to exploring the application of machine learning techniques in HS classification and Customs valuation. Participants were introduced to supervised and unsupervised machine learning approaches, encompassing various steps from data preparation to model evaluation. Real-world data from Indonesia were used to demonstrate how analytics could be applied to tackle classification and valuation challenges effectively.

The workshop showcased the importance of embracing data analytics in Customs operations, emphasizing its transformative power in modernizing and optimizing Customs procedures. By equipping officers with the tools and understanding to leverage data effectively, Customs administrations can enhance their capabilities, make data-driven decisions, and contribute to a more efficient and secure trade environment.