WCO and ICAO Extend Multilingual Access to Air Cargo and Mail Safety Brochure

21 September 2023

The World Customs Organization (WCO) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) are excited to announce the release of an expanded edition of their joint brochure, titled "Moving Air Cargo Globally - Air Cargo and Mail Secure Supply Chain and Facilitation." While the brochure has been an invaluable resource for air transport regulators and operators worldwide, we are thrilled to inform that it is now available not only in English and French but also in Arabic, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

In the air cargo and mail sector, where multiple entities are involved, ensuring security can be challenging. The revised brochure, now in its third edition, provides guidance on the roles and responsibilities of these diverse entities and highlights the need for effective collaboration within the regulatory framework.

The brochure emphasizes the increasing importance of digitalization in aligning cargo processes with modern supply chains, making operations more agile, responsive, and secure. It also focuses on security measures for high-risk cargo and insider threats.

The availability of the brochure in multiple languages is a significant step toward enhancing global air cargo and mail security. Stakeholders are encouraged to use this resource to strengthen the security and efficiency of these operations while facilitating global trade.