Jamaica Customs Agency: Developing risk profiles to prevent corruption

26 February 2024

As part of the ongoing commitment to enhancing integrity within Customs administrations, the World Customs Organization's WCO Anti-Corruption & Integrity Promotion (A-CIP) Programme recently conducted a five-day workshop on development of risk profiles for Jamaica Customs. Held from January 29 to February 2, 2024, in Kingston, Jamaica, the workshop saw the active participation of officials from the Internal Affairs Unit of the Jamaica Customs Agency (JCA). This workshop was meticulously tailored to address the specific needs identified by the JCA, reflecting a collaborative effort towards strengthening integrity safeguards within the organization.

Facilitated by an expert from the A-CIP Programme at the Agency Headquarters, the workshop built upon the foundation laid during a Corruption Risk Mapping workshop held in October 2022. The primary objective was to address vulnerabilities and create corruption risk profiles, enabling the identification of operations requiring real-time supervision to mitigate corruption risks or necessitating audits to validate adherence to established procedures.

By emphasizing the practical application of WCO tools and instruments, such as the WCO Guide to Corruption Risk Mapping and its Supplement and the WCO Risk Management Customs Compendium, the workshop allowed participants to gain valuable insights into developing corruption risk profiles. They noted that information available within customs systems provides reliable risk indicators, facilitating the monitoring of operations at high risk of integrity issues and enabling audits of operations presenting discrepancies related to Standard Operational Procedures.

Throughout the week, the results of the second interaction of the Customs Integrity Perception Survey (CIPS) were presented to senior managers. Recognizing the significance of CIPS results as a catalyst for integrity discussions, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of publishing the findings to demonstrate the JCA's commitment to transparency, this activity underscored the agency's dedication to fostering a culture of integrity and accountability.

The closing session, attended by the Commissioner and senior officials, provided an opportunity to reflect on the week's activities and chart the course for future endeavours. The expert summarized the outcomes of the mission and facilitated discussions on the next steps to sustain momentum and ensure continued progress in enhancing operational integrity within the JCA.

The WCO A-CIP Programme is currently supporting more than 20 countries across five WCO regions, making a significant impact on the Customs community worldwide. It receives funding from Norad and Canada and focuses on anti-corruption and integrity promotion in Customs administrations.  

For more information, please contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org.