WCO-Japan Career Development Programme 2023-24 Completion

04 July 2024

The WCO-Japan Career Development Programme (CDP) for 2023-2024 ended with a ceremony at which World Customs Organization Secretary General Ian Saunders awarded the 10 Professional Associates (PAs) certificates on their successful completion of the Programme.  

Earlier, the PAs each reported the results of their ten-month research to the WCO's senior management. The Pas undertook research into different Customs-related issues of global importance with the objective of adding practical value to building the knowledge base of home administrations and Customs  stakeholders. 

The CDP was launched in 2009 by the WCO, in cooperation with Japan Customs.  The Programme creates an environment where the PAs augment their Customs knowledge, skills and international work experience, develop networks between WCO Members and the Secretariat and enhance the research activities of the WCO.  It provides an opportunity for selected candidates to undertake work at the WCO Secretariat and use the knowledge gained to assist their home Administration.    

Within the framework of the 2023-2024 Programme which commenced in September 2023, ten Customs officials from Cape Verde, Egypt, Guatemala, India, Kosovo, Malaysia, Rwanda, Samoa, Turkmenistan and Ukraine worked at the WCO Secretariat on a number of projects and activities.  Their involvement has enabled WCO Members to enhance the communication with the Secretariat and also served to add to the diversity of the Secretariat’s staff. 

At the conclusion of the certificate ceremony, WCO Secretary General Mr. Ian Saunders expressed his satisfaction at the quality of the work presented by the PAs, in particular the remarkable results that they had achieved during their research, which he felt would add value to the Organization and to the Customs community as a whole. The Secretary General also expressed his expectations from PAs to stay connected with the WCO and continue nurturing the networks the PAs have developed with the each other, their administrations and their respective regions.