A-CIP Programme: administrative investigations and integrity approach in Burkina Faso

20 May 2024

In order to strengthen the administrative investigation process of Burkina Faso Customs, the WCO Anti-Corruption and Integrity Promotion Programme (A-CIP), in cooperation with experts from the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA), Côte d'Ivoire Customs and the WCO ROCB WCA, organised a capacity-building workshop from 23 to 25 April 2024 for a group of nearly 30 Burkina Faso Customs executives involved in the prevention of corruption and the management of internal affairs.

This innovative and inspiring workshop enabled the beneficiaries to identify best practices in managing internal affairs, particularly in handling reports of corruption, professional misbehaviour, or misconduct, conducting administrative investigations, and managing discipline.

Additionally, benefiting from the contributions of experts mobilised for the occasion, participants reviewed the various challenges faced by Customs administrations in conducting and managing their administrative investigations. Activities included studying practical cases and discussing the essential stages of an efficient administrative investigation and the preventive measures to be implemented as a matter of priority. 

During the three workshop sessions, the facilitators emphasised the importance of guaranteeing the transparency of the investigation process at all stages and protecting the individual rights of both the complainant (confidentiality and protection) and the accused officer based on the presumption of innocence principle.

At the end of the workshop, to perpetuate the professional knowledge acquired and optimise its application, participants committed to disseminating the Internal Affairs e-learning module available on the WCO CLiKC! distance learning platform to their teams, and continuing to ensure the strict application of the general disciplinary rules for Customs staff in Burkina Faso.

The WCO A-CIP Programme provides technical assistance and capacity-building support to WCO Member administrations implementing integrity-related initiatives in line with the WCO Revised Arusha Declaration. For more information, please contact capacity.building@wcoomd.org.