Advancing simplification and harmonization of Customs procedures: the WCO Multi-regional Workshop on the Revised Kyoto Convention in Abuja, Nigeria deepens understanding across WCA and ESA regions

14 May 2024

The World Customs Organization (WCO) successfully delivered a “green” multi-regional workshop (conducted without the use of paper) on the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC) in Abuja, Nigeria, from 6 to 9 May 2024, with the financial support of the Customs Cooperation Fund of China (CCF-China), with additional support from CCF-Korea for interpretation services.

A total of 46 Customs officials from 20 West and Central Africa, and 13 East and Southern Africa countries/members, attended the workshop. Among the participants were representatives from 25 Contracting Parties (CPs) and 8 non-contracting parties to the RKC.

Over the course of four days, CPs had the opportunity to refresh and deepen their understanding and obligations within the scope of the Convention. For CPs, the focus was on assessing their implementation status, identifying gaps, addressing challenges, and exchanging best practices related to the Specific Annexes (SAs) and Chapters therein. Non-CPs concentrated more on familiarizing themselves with the Body of the Convention and the provisions outlined in the General Annex (GA) of the RKC. They also carried out a high level gap analysis on the GA using the simplified RKC toolkit.

The workshop examined all 10 Chapters relating to the GA. Discussions within the scope of the SAs revolved around key Chapters such as formalities prior to the lodgement of the goods declaration, importation, free zones, etc. Additionally, there was significant emphasis on sharing best practices and addressing challenges faced by participants from the WCA and ESA regions.

A representative from Gambia shared insights into their journey towards RKC accession, detailing their experiences and the challenges encountered.

The workshop was inaugurated and concluded by the Assistant Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, and was organized in collaboration with and with the generous support of the Nigeria Customs Service.

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