Customs Valuation Workshop held for Nicaragua

31 May 2024

From 6 to 10 May 2024, the WCO Secretariat, with the support of the Customs Cooperation Fund of China (CCF-China), organized a national workshop on Customs valuation in Managua, Nicaragua, for the benefit of the Customs Administration of Nicaragua.

The workshop was facilitated by two WCO accredited expert trainers in Customs valuation and was attended by 46 officers representing border clearance units and the technical office for valuation and post-clearance audit. The primary aim was to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of the WTO Customs Valuation Agreement, the instruments of the Technical Committee on Customs Valuation (TCCV) and their specific application in practice.

The five-day workshop covered a range of technical matters related to Customs valuation, including the transaction value method, Article 8 adjustments (particularly for royalties and licence fees), related party transactions, alternative methods, best practices for Customs valuation control, advance rulings and new instruments adopted by the TCCV.

Participants also had the opportunity to present and discuss a number of practical cases currently being dealt with by their offices, so as to enable the effective application of what they had learned.

The Deputy Director General of Customs Services, Head of the Technical and Legal Department, Mr. Juan José Obando, In his closing remarks, underlined how important this training workshop was for all participants and for other officers who could later benefit from it, He extended special thanks to the workshop facilitators and organizers, as well as to the WCO Secretariat, and expressed his hope to organize future training sessions with continued  support of the WCO.