Spanish translation of Harmonized System 2022 is Now Available on WCO Trade Tools

29 May 2024

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is pleased to announce the arrival of the long-awaited Spanish translation of the Harmonized System 2022 content on our WCO Trade Tools platform.

This significant addition represents a milestone in our ongoing commitment to providing equitable access and quality resources to our global customs and trade community. With the introduction of the Spanish translation, professionals who prefer Spanish can now fully harness the wealth of information offered by the Harmonized System in their preferred language.

What does this mean for our users?

  • Accessibility to Official Content:
    Gone are the days of language barriers! The Spanish translation of the Harmonized System ensures easy access to vital information on international trade. Available on WCO Trade Tools, users can now access the official translation by the COMALEP, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.
  • Historical Content & User-Friendly Interface:
    In addition to the HS 2022 in Spanish, users will also find historical data, including the HS in Spanish for 2017. Our comparison tool facilitates seamless comparison between English and Spanish content, empowering users with comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.
  • Accessing the Spanish Translation:
    Accessing the Spanish translation of the Harmonized System 2022 is simple. Users can visit our platform at WCO Trade Tools, explore the Harmonized System content, and switch the language setting to Spanish. We look forward to welcoming users to this invaluable resource.

For more information, please visit or contact us through the contact form in the web’s page footer.