Customs Enforcement Network (CEN)

As the forerunner of the CEN Suite, the CEN application was conceived to assist the Customs enforcement community in gathering data and information for intelligence purposes. The CEN acts as a central depositary for enforcement-related information, with its success resting squarely on the steady flow of quality data provided by all WCO Members. Its functions allow users to mine data and this is crucial in terms of defining strategies, preparing risk indicators and identifying trends.

At its core, the CEN is a database of seizures and offences as well as pictures required for the analysis of illicit trafficking in the various areas under Customs’ competence. A communication component facilitates cooperation between users at international level, while the linked Enforcement Website gives them the option of consulting various enforcement-related publications such as alerts, analytical reports and information bulletins.

As part of a constant effort to improve the application, new functions and features are periodically introduced to make the system more user-friendly. From its powerful automated search function for cases or photos to the possibility of creating watch lists for targeting purposes, the CEN application is developing to meet the needs of users around the globe.

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