Chapter 5

17 April 2008


5.1. Standard

National legislation shall enumerate the cases in which security is required and shall specify the forms in which security is to be provided.

5.2. Standard

The Customs shall determine the amount of security.

5.3. Standard

Any person required to provide security shall be allowed to choose any form of security provided that it is acceptable to the Customs.

5.4. Standard

Where national legislation provides, the Customs shall not require security when they are satisfied that an obligation to the Customs will be fulfilled.

5.5. Standard

When security is required to ensure that the obligations arising from a Customs procedure will be fulfilled, the Customs shall accept a general security, in particular from declarants who regularly declare goods at different offices in the Customs territory.

5.6. Standard

Where security is required, the amount of security to be provided shall be as low as possible and, in respect of the payment of duties and taxes, shall not exceed the amount potentially chargeable.

5.7. Standard

Where security has been furnished, it shall be discharged as soon as possible after the Customs are satisfied that the obligations under which the security was required have been duly fulfilled.