Chapter 7

17 April 2008


7.1. Standard

The Customs shall apply information technology to support Customs operations, where it is cost-effective and efficient for the Customs and for the trade. The Customs shall specify the conditions for its application.

7.2. Standard

When introducing computer applications, the Customs shall use relevant internationally accepted standards.

7.3. Standard

The introduction of information technology shall be carried out in consultation with all relevant parties directly affected, to the greatest extent possible.

7.4. Standard

New or revised national legislation shall provide for:

  • electronic commerce methods as an alternative to paper-based documentary requirements;
  • electronic as well as paper-based authentication methods;
  • the right of the Customs to retain information for their own use and, as appropriate, to exchange such information with other Customs administrations and all other legally approved parties by means of electronic commerce techniques.