Chapter 8

17 April 2008


8.1. Standard

Persons concerned shall have the choice of transacting business with the Customs either directly or by designating a third party to act on their behalf.

8.2. Standard

National legislation shall set out the conditions under which a person may act for and on behalf of another person in dealing with the Customs and shall lay down the liability of third parties to the Customs for duties and taxes and for any irregularities.

8.3. Standard

The Customs transactions where the person concerned elects to do business on his own account shall not be treated less favourably or be subject to more stringent requirements than those Customs transactions which are handled for the person concerned by a third party.

8.4. Standard

A person designated as a third party shall have the same rights as the person who designated him in those matters related to transacting business with the Customs.

8.5. Standard

The Customs shall provide for third parties to participate in their formal consultations with the trade.

8.6. Standard

The Customs shall specify the circumstances under which they are not prepared to transact business with a third party.

8.7. Standard

The Customs shall give written notification to the third party of a decision not to transact business.