Historical documents of the Harmonized System Committee

The historical documentation database currently contains Harmonized System Committee documents and reports from the Sessions indicated below (without disclosing the business confidential information or classification questions currently under consideration).

Unfortunately, we have a back-log with regard to the publication of documents published prior to the 10th session of the HSC; we are working to remedy this situation as soon as possible.

Below you will find files containing the entire list of documents. If you want to view the content of a document, click here and search for your item under the search engine.

For HSC 10 to 51, documents are accessible via the search engine and from HSC 51, onwards via a zip file that can be downloaded by clicking on the link for each meeting.

To access documents from HSC 10 to 51:

1. Referring to the list of documents from the relevant meeting, note the document number and input it into the search engine without using the decimal point. For example, for HSC 21, the document 42.020 can be located by searching ‘42020’. This search will return a redacted version of the requested document.

2. Please note that certain documents are not available on the public website: these are listed as “Not included:” at the head of the “List of documents issued” for each meeting.