Istanbul Convention Administrative Committee

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Terms of Reference for the Administrative Committee

Please note that the terms of reference can be set only by the Contracting Parties

Established : 1994

Duration : Unspecified

1. Mandate

The Administrative Committee of the Istanbul Convention is established to consider the implementation of the Istanbul Convention, any measures to secure uniformity in the interpretation and application thereof, and any amendment proposed thereto.  The Committee can also decide upon the incorporation of new Annexes to the Convention.

2. Membership

Contracting Parties to the Istanbul Convention shall have the right to be represented as a Member of the Administrative Committee.  The Committee may also decide that the competent administration of any Member, State or Customs territory in accordance with Article 24 which are not Contracting Parties, or representatives of international organizations, may attend the sessions as observers for questions which interest them.

3. Purpose and Scope

To achieve the mandate, the Administrative Committee should :

  • examine questions of interest that may be of great value and offer useful guidance to Customs administrations, issuing and guaranteeing associations and carnet users;
  • examine questions relating to interpretation and application of the Convention raised by the Contracting Parties or issuing and guaranteeing associations;
  • examine proposals for amendments to the Convention and/or the incorporation of new Annexes to the Convention;
  • consider disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the Convention referred by the Contracting Parties in dispute, and make recommendations for their settlement.

4. Key Deliverables

The Committee shall adopt a report.  This report shall contain comments on the Agenda items discussed and their conclusions.

The Committee shall recommend amendments to the Convention to the Contracting Parties.

5. Means of Operation

The Administrative Committee shall, on the occasion of every session, elect a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson.


The Agenda for each session shall be drawn up by the Secretary General. It shall include any proposals for amendments to the Convention communicated by the Contracting Parties together with any other items requested.  The draft Agenda shall be circulated to the competent administrations of the Contracting Parties and of the Members, States or Customs territories referred to in Article 24 of the Convention which are not Contracting Parties, at least six weeks before the Committee meets.

Rules of Procedure:

The Rules of Procedure for the Administrative Committee are set out in the Convention.  In the absence of relevant provisions in the Convention, the Rules of Procedure of the Council shall be applicable unless the Committee decides otherwise.

Quorum :

A quorum shall not be required for taking any formal decision.

6. Resources Required

Meetings :

The Secretary General shall convene the meeting at a time fixed by the Committee and also at the request of the competent administrations of at least two Contracting Parties. The meetings are normally held in conjunction with the meeting of Contracting Parties to the ATA Convention. The two meetings usually last a total of two days.

General administrative arrangements :

The general administrative arrangements for the Administrative Committee, including the date and duration of each session and the priorities to be fixed for the items on the Committee’s Agenda, are the responsibility of the Secretary General.