The Revised Kyoto Convention Management Committee

Established : 1999

Duration : Unspecified

1. Mandate

The Revised Kyoto Convention Management Committee (RKC-MC) was established in order to consider the implementation of the Convention, any measures to secure uniformity in the interpretation and application thereof, and any amendments proposed thereto.

2. Membership

The Contracting Parties shall be members of the Management Committee. The competent administration of any entity qualified to become a Contracting Party to this Convention under the provisions of Article 8 or any Member of the World Trade Organization shall be entitled to attend the sessions of the Management Committee as an observer. The status and rights of such Observers shall be determined by a Council Decision. The aforementioned rights cannot be exercised before the entry into force of the Decision.

The Management Committee may invite the representatives of international governmental and non-governmental organizations to attend the sessions of the Management Committee as observers.

3. Purpose and Scope

To achieve the mandate, the Management Committee:

shall recommend to the Contracting Parties :

(i) amendments to the Body of this Convention;

(ii) amendments to the General Annex, the Specific Annexes and Chapters therein and the incorporation of new Chapters to the General Annex; and

(iii) the incorporation of new Specific Annexes and new Chapters to Specific Annexes,

  • may decide to amend Recommended Practices or to incorporate new Recommended Practices to Specific Annexes or Chapters therein in accordance with Article 16;
  • shall consider implementation of the provisions of this Convention in accordance with Article 13, paragraph 4;
  • shall review and update the Guidelines;
  • shall consider any other issues of relevance to this Convention that may be referred to it;
  • shall inform the Permanent Technical Committee and the Council of its decisions.

4. Key Deliverables

Before the closure of its session, the Management Committee shall adopt a report. This report shall be transmitted to the Council and to the Contracting Parties and observers mentioned in the Convention.

5. Means of Operation

The Management Committee shall meet at least once each year. It shall annually elect a Chairman and Vice-Chairman.


The Agenda for each session shall be drawn up by the Secretary General in accordance with proposals coming from Contracting Parties. It shall include any proposals for amendments to the Convention communicated by the Contracting Parties together with any other items requested. The invitation and the draft Agenda shall be circulated to the competent administrations of the Contracting Parties and observers at least six weeks before the Committee meets.

Rules of Procedure:

Where a decision cannot be arrived at by consensus, matters before the Management Committee shall be decided by voting of the Contracting Parties present. Proposals regarding amendments and extension of the period of implementation shall be approved by a two-thirds majority of the votes cast. All other matters shall be decided by the Management Committee by a majority of the votes cast. The Customs or Economic Unions which are Contracting Parties shall have, in case of voting, only a number of votes equal to the total votes allotted to their Members which are Contracting Parties.

In the absence of relevant provisions in this Article, the Rules of Procedure of the Council shall be applicable, unless the Management Committee decides otherwise.

6. Resources Required

The Secretary General shall convene the meeting and the general administrative arrangements for the Committee, including the date and duration of each session are the responsibility of the Secretary General.