Working Group on the comprehensive review of the Revised Kyoto Convention

Approved by the Policy Commission: June 2018

Confirmed by the Council: June 2018

Duration: Until the comprehensive review is completed and the outcome is approved by the Revised Kyoto Convention Management Committee (RKC/MC) in financial year 2020/2021.

1. Mandate

The Working Group on the Comprehensive Review of the Revised Kyoto Convention (WGRKC) is established for the purpose of conducting a comprehensive review of
the Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC).

2. Scope

The comprehensive review will cover both the structure and content of the Body of the Convention, General Annex, Specific Annexes and Guidelines. In undertaking the comprehensive review, the WGRKC will propose changes to the RKC in accordance with its findings. The comprehensive review will take into account the Reports of the 17th and 18th RKC/MC.

3. Membership

The WGRKC will be open to all interested Members of the WCO (Contracting Parties as well as Non-Contracting Parties). The WGRKC may invite partner international governmental and non-governmental organizations, and representatives of the Private Sector Consultative Group and other external stakeholders, to attend the meetings as necessary.

4. Key Deliverables

The WGRKC shall deliver the following:

  1. a work plan, updated if necessary,
  2. progress reports after each meeting of the WGRKC, and
  3. a final report with the recommendations of the WGRKC.

The deliverables shall be presented to the RKC/MC for its consideration and approval.

5. Means of Operation

a.   Members of the WGRKC shall annually elect the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson from among the members of the WGRKC.

b.   The WGRKC shall carry out its work through physical meetings to be held in the WCO Headquarters and, when appropriate, intersessional work will be carried out virtually via the CLiKC! Platform. The WGRKC shall hold a maximum of six meetings per year.

c.   The meetings will be held with simultaneous interpretation in French and English and all working documents will be available in French and English.

d.   In order to assist the WGRKC in fulfilling its mandate, the WGRKC shall also establish, as directed by the RKC/MC, three Sub-Groups which shall report directly to the WGRKC. These Sub-Groups shall work in parallel and their activities will be composed as follows:

  1. Sub-Group I: The RKC Body and relevant horizontal issues.
  2. Sub-Group II: The RKC General Annex.
  3. Sub-Group III: The RKC Specific Annexes and Guidelines.

The working arrangements, including the structure of the Sub-Groups, may be adjusted based on recommendations of the WGRKC.

e.   The Sub-Groups shall annually elect a moderator and rapporteur from among their members. The Sub-Groups shall carry out their work virtually via the CLiKC! Platform to the greatest extent possible, and, where necessary, may meet in person at the discretion of the Sub-Group moderators, coordinating the schedule with the regularly-scheduled WGRKC, subject to the approval of the Chair of the Working Group. The work of the Sub-Groups shall be carried out in French and English, unless otherwise decided by the Sub-Group.

f.   The Sub-Groups will work in conjunction to address cross-cutting issues.

g.   The WGRKC will communicate with key stakeholders, as necessary.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

The WGRKC shall be subject to ongoing review by the RKC/MC of progress against the key deliverables.

7. Secretariat Support

The WCO Secretariat shall provide the necessary support. The reports of the WGRKC shall be distributed to participants within two weeks after the meetings.