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Information Repository of Legislation on Border Measures for Counterfeiting and Piracy- 2012 edition

The WCO has collected information on its Members’ laws and regulations that cover border procedures for counterfeit trademarks and pirated copyright goods at importation.  The information collected has been gathered together in the WCO Information Repository on Legislation on Border Measures for Counterfeiting and Piracy. 

The Repository’s main objective is to inform Customs administrations about the experiences of others.  In this sense, Customs administrations can use the Repository as a reference tool on how to implement the border measures of the WTO Agreement on Trade-related Aspect of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).  The Repository is to be developed through fact-finding exercises.  It does not aim to determine the best way for a Customs administration to implement TRIPS border measures.  There are many ways and options.  In this process, the WCO could learn customs-related national legislations and practices of various Members in this area. Thus, the Repository may serve as a reference tool for effective capacity building.

The Repository consists of: