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WCO Security Seminar

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START DATE 07 junio 2016
END DATE 09 junio 2016


A three day seminar focusing on the implementation of the Punta Cana resolution and agreeing on a strategy for the future for all activities of the WCO Security Programme.


Security issues are, while not new, an ever-increasing concern in the world today and this is reflected in the world of customs. The WCO initiated Project Global Shield in 2010 as the first element in what was to become its Security Programme, and has since then come a long way in s short time, by adding and expanding initiatives, such as Strategic Trade Control Enforcement, Small Arms and Light Weapons, terrorist financing, and passenger controls.

The time has now come to tie all these initiatives together with a robust strategy that can cement the role of customs in border-related security concerns. The Punta Cana Resolution marked an important milestone in the focus on Security and how the WCO has sought to implement the Resolution will be described during the event. The Seminar will provide a platform for discussion on the strategy ahead. Partner international organizations are also invited, providing the benefit of sharing experiences and conducting strategic discussions on securing the movement of information, goods and people across borders.

In order to allow all members to contribute to discussions and to be able to focus on regional issues, the WCO will conduct a Security Seminar in each region later this year and the beginning of 2017.


Seminar Objectives 

  • Communicate the activities of the WCO Security Programme
  • Describe how the Punta Cana Resolution is being implemented
  • Share experiences on various security initiatives and recent border security activities
  • Seek agreement on strategy moving forward