World Customs Capacity Building Database (WorldCap)

07 mayo 2009
World Customs Capacity Building Database (WorldCap)

May 2009

From its very inception, the WCO Capacity Building Directorate identified raising awareness about Customs administrations, their reform and modernization programmes and information management as being important goals. The co-ordination of capacity building initiatives and projects is also one of the challenges to be met in order to ensure the implementation of the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards and the success of the Columbus Programme.

The WCO Secretariat is working on different ways of developing, implementing and promoting the Customs in the 21st Century (C21) concept. Against the current backdrop of the global financial crisis, all the WCO’s Members now consider it more important than ever to complete this task and maintain the momentum of capacity building activities leading to Customs reform and modernization.

As stated at the Policy Commission’s December 2008 Session in Argentina, one of the key ways of ensuring a successful outcome for this task is the development and implementation of an accurate global database containing information on WCO Member Customs administrations (WCO WorldCap Database project). Once available, this Database will serve as a very important tool for future planning, research, benchmarking, development, capacity building, training and technical assistance.

The Database will also be of great use to other stakeholders and international institutions, including the donor community. The WCO Capacity Building Directorate aims to launch the first official version of WorldCap before the June 2009 Council Sessions. During the one-year test period, the WorldCap Database will be an extremely helpful tool for planning capacity building activities and programmes.

The basic principle of WorldCap is that every country and Customs administration is responsible for its own information contained in the Database. This means that each country can register and update its own data online, via the Members’ Web site, once details of its WorldCap national contact points and operators have been provided to the Capacity Building Directorate. It should be borne in mind that all data is submitted on an entirely voluntary basis and that countries are under no obligation to share information they do not wish to make public. All information remains the property of the inputting country.

In order to achieve its objective of launching the WorldCap Database prior to the June 2009 Council Sessions, the WCO is counting on the full support of and participation by Member countries in terms of nominating national contact points and validating and inputting data.

Should you require any further information on the WorldCap Database, kindly contact Mr. Mohammad Obeidat, WorldCap Manager (e-mail :, tel.:(+32 2 209 96 33), or fax: (+32 2209 9496).