India prepared for AEO program launch supported by Globally Networked Customs

26 julio 2011

India prepared for AEO program launch
Brussels, 26 July 2011


At the invitation of Chairman S. Dutt Majumder of the Indian Central Board of Customs and Excise, WCO Secretary General Kunio Mikuriya visited New Delhi on 25-26 July 2011 to discuss progress within Indian Customs, including the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program.

Indian Customs has been in consultations with the private sector in preparation for the AEO program and a pilot project has been scheduled to launch later this year. This development follows the recent opening of a National Operation Center established to support the information system and therefore enable better data and risk management. Additionally, "Indian Customs has stressed its commitment to promoting Globally Networked Customs (GNC) to facilitate AEO-related information among other Utility Block areas and this latest development will pave the way for Mutual Recognition of AEO with other countries, the ultimate benefit of the AEO program", said Secretary General Mikuriya. 

He also took the opportunity to meet with Secretary R. S. Gujral of the Indian Ministry of Finance and attended another meeting with a foreign trade association to discuss support for Customs modernization.