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CITES Secretary-General delivers keynote remarks at WCO Enforcement Committee

22 marzo 2011

CITES Secretary-General delivers keynote remarks at WCO Enforcement Committee

Brussels, 21 March 2011


On the occasion of the 30th Session of the WCO Enforcement Committee, CITES Secretary-General, John E. Scanlon, was invited to open the Committee’s deliberations at WCO headquarters.

During his keynote remarks, John Scanlon stressed that CITES and the WCO share common objectives, namely, facilitating legal and sustainable trade, whilst ensuring that illicit trade can be identified, intercepted, and responded to appropriately.

In referring to the links between CITES and the WCO, he highlighted the following points:

  • The two Secretariats enjoy a very close working relationship and have done so for many years which gives practical effect to the MoU signed between them in 1996.
  • The working relationship covers a number of key areas: capacity building, collection and sharing of seizure data and intelligence, assessment of national trade controls, participation in enforcement task forces and collaboration in the development of tools.
  • The partnership is further strengthened through joint participation in the Green Customs Initiative and the International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime (ICCWC).
  • Cooperation in cross-border operations such as Operation GAPIN (Great Apes and Integrity), which recently targeted illegal movements of wildlife from Africa, was highly successful.

In conclusion, the CITES Secretary-General said that he could think of few better examples of successful collaboration than that which exists between CITES and the WCO, stressing that there are few international treaties that are better served by Customs than CITES.

This was the first visit by John Scanlon to WCO headquarters since assuming the post of Secretary-General in May 2010.

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